Signs Can Be Produced on Almost Any Material

We’re Ready to Answer All of Your Questions or Find Out More About the Materials and Sign Types That Are Available to You. Customized and Produced In House to Your Specifications.

Major Factors to Consider When Choosing Signs

  • Is this sign for interior or exterior use.  Your first choice for exterior should be aluminum, e-panel, or acrylic.
  • Are these signs for temporary use or will they be used for quite some time.  A good opportunity to save some money.  The least expensive signs are choroplast and foam core.  That doesn’t mean that the look has to be cheap looking.  The look of the sign is still based on the design, colors and type of printers that will be used to produce your signs.
  • Will signs be exposed to the elements for an exterior period of time?  A clear coat is available to offer protection of our signs for a period of up to five years.

Different Processes and Fabrication Techniques

  • Full color graphics (even on wood) are printed digitally. Our prints are exceptional  in detail and vivid coloring.
  • Vinyl comes in almost in infinite variety of colors, finishes and types.  This includes fluorescent, reflective, textured, and special effects such as sparkles.
  • We also utilize other applications such as thermal heat pressing and toner printing and application.

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