Custom Printed Shirts

Evaluating Custom Printed Shirts. Are You Looking For Your Next Favorite Shirt?

Because of their versatility and comfort, custom-printed shirts are the one article of apparel that will never go out of style.  You can still look fantastic with a custom-printed shirt, a pair of jeans, and your favorite casual shoes. Or wear one with cotton slacks and a jacket for more of a dress-up look.

T-shirts can be worn all year long and there is no such thing as having too many of them.

Customization is a lot of fun and it’s becoming more popular every day. When you combine customization with t-shirts you have yourself a real winner.

A Variety of Printing Methods

Custom printed shirts vary by the type of fabric, style, and color.  It stands to reason that certain methods of printing produce better results for certain types of shirts.

For example, Digital Fusion Printing (DTF), which you can apply yourself.  Our experienced staff is available to assist you in your selection process. That’s why we’re here!


My Interest Is That I Only Want To Print A Couple Of Shirts. What Are My Options?

There are two options available.  Choose from Direct to Garment or Digital Fusion Printing. Both of these will take care of printing in full color and white ink.  We suggest Digital Fusion Printing (DTF) if you are bringing in your own shirts, since we haven't found a fabric where it doesn't work well.  More good news . . . no set-up charge.

Can I Really Design My Own University of Arizona Shirt, Sounds Difficult.  How Do I Go About It?

First let me assure you that everything is legal and will be approved by the University before fabrication.  Everything can be done on line.  You find many of the logos right on the web and ready to use.  Then add your name, other graphics and have over 800 fonts available.  You pick the color, and you pick the type style. We take care of having everything approved by the University.  And what a great gift, and what a great way for everyone in the family to support the Wildcats.  Direct to Color or Direct to Film technologies will be used and your shirts will be ready in 1-3 business days.

What If Have My Own Shirts That I Want To Decorate?

We have you covered. Digital Fusion Printing (DTF) is a technology that utilizes digital imaging technology.  We can print out full color hi-resolution graphics for you that you can apply yourself.  Yes, you should have a skill level to do this and yes we recommend that you let us take care of it for you.  By the way there are resellers and screen printers that purchase 1000's of images from us.  We're known for our quality, inexpensive prices, and fast delivery.

Who Is Graphic Impact And What Can You Tell Me About Your Company?

We are a local, family business founded in 1989.  Almost all of our products are manufactured in house.  We make it a point to do as much business locally as possible and you see our products everywhere.  Most of the larger companies in town are our customers.  Companies  (and friends) are folks like the University of Arizona Athletics Department, Banner Health, TMC,  Raytheon and Pima County.  But don't let that fool you.  We also have over 20,000 smaller customers and they love us. A lot of people think we can do anything, but we're very careful about telling our customers that.

What Are Your Feelings About Taking Care Of The Environment?

We're pretty serious about it!  Most of our equipment runs on solar.  We don't believe that organic solvents should be used in any industrial environment.  And that sustainability is something that we believe in.  It's one of the reasons that we try to keep screen printing to a minimum.

There Are Hundreds Of Shirts We Would Like To Have Printed.  There Are Only a Couple of Colors And Price Is a Major Factor!

Screen Printing is the answer in this case. There are set-up costs and deliveries are a little longer.  But with larger quantities there probably will be a cost savings.  We can do a thorough analysis and recommend the best way to proceed with the project.

Should I Invest In Large Inventories So I will Always Have Product On-Hand?

Maybe, not such a good idea!  Knowing that you can get as many as needed in 1-3 business days.  Here's another idea, Graphic Impact has also designed and manged sites for our customers. We handle deliveries, billing and much more.  If this sound like something that makes sense for you, give us a call.

How Do I Find You?

We are located at 5440 East Speedway on the South side of the street and just west of  Craycroft. There is a Whataburger just to the West of our store.

Do You Have Local Management?

That's for sure!  We are a Tucson, locally founded family business.  The founder of our company, Howard W. Volin, has a very broad, executive, marketing background, and he believes  that our team must be sure to put employees and our valued customers first.  Our company, also, must employ the latest and best technology.

Where Can I See Examples Of Your Work?

We have a showroom where we would be happy to show you examples.  Even more important, as Southern Arizona's largest in-house manufacturer, you will see examples all over town from the smallest name tags to the largest building and monument signs.  Just ask!

The Company You Choose

  • The design team of the company should help ensure that everything you choose and upload for your project will be reviewed before printing.
  • Whenever possible the company should have a retail location.  You’ll find that Graphic Impact is one of the greatest places to go for custom apparel of all types, and there is something for everyone.  It’s always a good idea to see (and feel) what you’re purchasing.
  • Graphic Impact was founded in 1989.  Deal with a stable company that will be there when you need them.
  • We are known for our friendly customer service we are available by phone, email or live chat.
  • A great place to shop local and small.
  • Our design software is incredibly easy to use.


You can get great full color printing at up to 50% below retail price.  Get instant, all inclusive pricing.  There is no minimum pricing which is a great option for both one-off pricing or bulk orders.


There should be no requirement for a minimum order or even a set-up charge.  At Graphic Impact most orders will be ready in 1-2 business days.  Larger, bulk orders may take a few days longer.  We find that our delivery time makes others seem slow.

Feel of Custom Printed Shirts

A soft feel of a custom printed shirts is desired.  You may have witnessed that rough, scratchy feel which begins to crack with only a few washings.  This is do to the printing technique that is used and the amount of ink used in the process.  We suggest water based inks that are friendly to the environment and can be safely worn against the skin.  See for yourself, we think you’ll agree.

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