laser engravers for the smallest type

When to Choose Laser Engraving or Rotary Engraving

Graphic Impact utilizes our laser engravers to fabricate materials to any size or shape.  We do not have a minimum charge and delivery is normally 1-2 days.  We use a variety of technology and equipment to make sure that you receive the best product at the most economical price.  the two most popular techniques are laser engraving and rotary engraving.

Rotary Engravers

Rotary machines engrave the surface of the material with cutting tools that are fixed in a rotating spindle. The cutting tool removes material from the surface to create a two or three-dimensional image. Although they do an excellent job of engraving different type styles and line art, rotary engravers can not do a satisfactory job in duplicating images.

The only maintenance a rotary engraver needs is an occasional sharpening of the bits.

Laser Engravers

Laser engraving equipment marks a wide variety of materials. It has the capability of cutting material as well as doing design.  The size of the type it is capable of marking is significantly better than rotary engravers. Lasers provide a quality marking in wood and trophy plaques and are able to create photographic images on various materials.  Laser engravers utilize laser power focused through mirrors and lenses to cut and to mark almost any material.

Laser engravers can mark some metals by the application of special chemicals applied before the product is lasered. Lasers are effective for doing complex graphics and designs as the laser engraver equipment provides a finished product much like a printer.  Laser printing can also be combined with full color digital printing and 3D printing to produce spectacular results.

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