Gator Board Signs

Direct Printing on Materials Where Non-Glare is a Requirement

When you’re under the eye of a television camera or a special lighting scene every detail must be perfect.  Here,  Gator Board Signs were chosen.  This is the material of choice for purity of color, highest resolution printing and durability for long periods of time.  Graphic Impact has the capability to add either a matte film or clear coat to enhance lighting conditions. It’s always flattering when a Tucson company is selected to perform work for national clients.

Why was Gator Board chosen for this project?

Why Gator Board? The product has a very rigid poly surface which is resistant to moisture while other material such at foam core is covered with paper. It has a much harder finish and resists warping. Gator board is used for display in museums or other where permanent archiving is a necessity.

It is this firm surface that makes it ideal for digital printing. Gator is available in a number of thicknesses.

Extremely versatile material.  More uses.

Graphic Impact does not recommend Gator Board for extreme outdoor conditions. Use Sintra instead.

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