loweii-stevens football facility

Why Did The University of Arizona Add Branding In The Lowell-Stevens Football Facility?

The new Lowell-Stevens Football Facility is an extensive addition and renovation that connects the east and west concourses on the north side of Arizona Stadium and is the new home for football operations. A highlight of the tower is this three-story elevator.  Graphic Impact was asked to vinyl wrap this structure and it has become quite the eye-catcher.

Branding is critical!

Tens of thousands of visitors see the tower and visit the football facility annually.  The University of Arizona competes with major universities throughout the country and its brand recognition is critical.  Visitors to the  Stephens indoor facility include student-athletes considering attending the university, prospective donors, and fans of UArizona sports teams.  It is critical that they leave with a long lasting impression.

Why Graphic Impact?

Graphic Impact has been a major supplier to the University of Arizona since the company was founded in 1989.  Countless major projects have been included.  Major reasons include:

  • Graphic Impact has tremendous in-house capability providing faster delivery, product quality, and strong creative ability.
  • UArizona utilizes and partners with local companies whenever possible that can meet its stringent policies.
  • Graphic Impact understands the importance of maintaining branding standards.  Graphic Impact has made a substantial investment in maintaining UArizona brands.

About Us

Graphic Impact is not a sourcing house or advertising company. We are the manufacturer. You deal with the people that make the products. No intermediary! And the savings are passed along to you, our valued client. Graphic Impact was founded in 1989. It is a company that harnesses the latest technology and takes advantage of 30+ years of marketing experience. The results are products not previously available that are more durable, better quality, and often less expensive than previously developed. We would be happy to meet with you and present our ideas for your consideration.

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