Coroplast Signs

Versatile, Inexpensive Coroplast Signs Printed in Full Color


There are a number of names for coroplast signs. They are called political signs, yard signs, screened signs, bandit signs, or plastic signs. These corrugated plastic signs offer durability indoors and outdoors. What a great advertising value! Graphic Impact prints these signs digitally and in full color. The printing system uses UV inks which is a great benefit. You can order one or a hundred. Output is photo-realistic and we can print on both sides. We then apply a clear finishing coat to the sign resulting in even more vivid colors and increased durability.  DESIGN YOUR OWN right on-line, order by phone, or visit our showroom.

How Are Coroplast Signs Made?

Coroplast signs printed in our Tucson facility are made from a high-quality polypropylene twin-wall profile sheet. It is formulated specifically for use in the screen printing and digital printing display markets. Coroplast uses a copolymer resin to increase impact and low temperature performance. Copolymer resins are also used. They retain the ability to be flexed an unlimited number of times without breaking. We call this unique ability a living hinge.

How Are Coroplast Signs Used?

Because Custom printed Coroplast signs are cheap, they are fantastic for political campaigns, real estate, construction, churches, youth leagues, advertising signs and more. These digitally printed signs are available in sizes up to 4 feet by 8 feet. They are an excellent economical choice for yard signs or temporary signage. A standard sign is approximately 1/8 inch thick, but thicker constructed Coroplast is available too. Expect the signs to last up to 12–18 months under normal conditions.

Cheap Coroplast Signs?  Yes, But Fantastic Look and Quality

Our least expensive material!  Corrugated plastic or Coroplast should be your choice for inexpensive material. You’ll find the printing quality excellent. Cheap Coroplast signs will provide professional looking promotions for your company or organization. A Coroplast sign is easily secured to windows, doors or walls, exterior or interior surfaces, as well as secured into the ground with an inexpensive stake. 

Design Your Own On-Line

Here Are Some of Our Most Common Coroplast Sizes. Visit Our E-Commerce Site to See Other Sizes and Products to Design On-Line.