Sound Art

What is Sound Art™?  Where the Canvas Becomes the Speakers.

Sound Art™ introduces an entirely new way to listen to music in your
home or business, letting you enjoy personalized, custom artwork, as
well as high-performance, wireless sound. As an early adopter and
partner of Onsia®, we transcend traditional ideas of art and sound and
revolutionize the way people enjoy music. We then include the highest
quality of visual art to the dimension of sound through cutting-edge
technology. The technology developed by Onsia®! We refuse to duplicate
or imitate when we can innovate. Thus, Sound Art™ is powered by Onsia®

Sound Art™ is unique in many ways, including the use of flat panel
speakers rather than traditional “cone” speakers, and we combine art and
sound by concealing these speakers behind any type of art that you choose and we print.

What is Bluetooth?

So what actually is Bluetooth? By now everyone is used to wireless communication. Some of this communication you may have even noticed. This includes radio receivers and television sets that pick up programs beamed through radio waves hundreds (possibly even thousands) of miles through the air. Your cell phone uses similar technologies to carry calls. If you use Wi-Fi (wireless Internet), your computer sends and receives a steady stream of Internet data that communicates through the world wide web (www).

As the Bluetooth speaker technology was developed for the Sound Art™
speakers, the result was a breathtaking new product that combines visual
art with quality sound. Now you can supply your own art, family photos,
or favorite scenes. We would love to be part of the selection process
with you. Then hear your favorite music, which you select using your
cellular telephone. Our canvas printing is award winning and is
available in a large variety of sizes. The reproduction of sound is


Bluetooth Art

Bluetooth technology has given artists a new way to showcase their creativity through interactive installations and exhibits. Bluetooth art refers to the artwork that is connected to a Bluetooth device and enables the artwork to interact with the viewer. It has opened up new ways in creating an fascinating experience where the audience can become an active participant in the artwork. 

Bluetooth art is an unique approach to audio and visual art that engages the audience in an emotional and interactive experience. Bluetooth art is a growing field or traditional art forms by adding engagement and interactivity to the art world. As technology advances, Bluetooth art will continue to grow offering new opportunities for artists and create unique experiences for their audiences. 


OK, so I’m sold but what about the art?

We have multiple ways of satisfying just about everyone. . . .

  • First, if you already have a favorite photograph, a piece of art, or if you just have a design you love, simply download it us and we’ll take it from there.
  • Looking for a special image or photo? We’ve got you covered! Graphic Impact has partnered with Getty Images and over 6,000,000 image are available. Go to the, pick the image you want, and we’ll print it for you. (at no extra cost)
  • We also keep adding our best selling photos on our media gallery and you might want to choose one of those.
  • Are you an Arizona Wildcats fan? Pick a logo and a design. And why not play a fight song and a variety of music from the Pride of Arizona through your Sound Art. Go ahead! We dare you to top that one for yourself or as a gift.


A lot less than you think. Obviously it depends on the size, but we think we can satisfy you. Most clients return and buy more canvas prints for other rooms in their homes or offices.


From 9×11 inches up to a whopping 36×48 inches. Want something bigger? Absolutely! It’s a custom, and let’s talk about it.


Our delivery makes others seem slow. That is if there was another product like ours. How about 1-2 business days.

Have a listen!

Sound Art™ is a part of Graphic Impact’s complete solution for Fine Art and Photography reproduction. This includes: