Thermal Application of Graphics, Numbers and Lettering

Graphic Impact sometimes does team names and numbers using thermal graphics.  It allows for different changes and many times it is much faster. The material is cut with one of our high performance vinyl plotters.  It can be custom cut-out and then heat transferred onto a garment. The method is very popular with sports teams and runners that have individual numbers and last names that need to be put onto the backs of jerseys and jackets.  Many times professional jerseys are brought to Graphic Impact for personalized names. Thermal graphics is one solution for this task.

Many different colors and material types are available.  The method is cost effective.

We also have an exclusive laser printing system.  Again, printing white on any dark color fabric is not a problem. Any number of shirts are available using this full color process, in record time, and fantastic durability. The new technology was created for professional projects where quality and high volume output is necessary. This equipment uses its high speed as well as its spot-true representation of the colors.