Mesh Banners – For Windy Conditions – Helps Prevent Tears and Ripped Out Grommets


Mesh banners (wind banners) are a great choice if hanging a banner in a windy location.  Instead of using wind slits which may result in a torn banner, use a mesh banner.  Mesh banners are vinyl banners which allow air to blow through. The mesh banners has enough ‘breathable’ area to let air flow through, but still has a printable surface.  The surface act like tint, so you can actually see through it.

Mesh banners are printed in full color. We increase the saturation of the colors to make up for the mesh surface.  The resulting color is vivid and images and photo are life-like.  Our standard finishing includes heat welded hems and grommets.

Uses of Mesh Banners

Generally speaking, mesh banners are used for outdoor sports events, festivals, concerts, and real estate sign applications. You’ll also see mesh banners secured to chain link fences in construction areas advertising new building projects.

It is not unusual to see mesh banners cover building front and sometimes span over 150 feet.  In a building application a mesh banner, because of its open printing area, allow for some viability through windows and natural light to show through.

Design a Banner Yourself

Graphic Impact has a designer website which allows you to set-up your own banner artwork on line.  There is plenty of clip art, photos and images from which to choose.  If can’t find the photo that you’re look for, just call.  Chance are we can supply to you.  There is never an additional cost.  Pick your template on the designer site add text and upload your file.  If you have already prepared a file, it is a simple task to upload it directly to us.


Mesh banners are versatile and great for many applications, but specifically for outdoor use because of their unique construction.  A viable solution for windy locations.

Questions?  Just talk to one of our designers at 520 795-7446.