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Custom vinyl banners produced with a GREEN Process.  1 to 2 business day delivery.  Visit us or we will visit you, send us your artwork or design your own custom vinyl banner right on line.  See our blog for more ideas.

Custom vinyl banners, inexpensive, high quality, and ready in 1-2 business days

Few marketing strategies send as powerful a message as grand-format (large) banners in full color. We take special care in how these outdoor banners are produced, making these banners one of the most efficient methods to grab attention. They allow you to make your statement at a low price and act as visual megaphones. Large enough to get the word out to everyone that sees them! Summers are hot here in Tucson.
We usually digitally print these heavy-duty banners (including large banners of any size) with grand format digital printers. The inks are water-based, pigmented, eco-friendly HP latex inks that reduce the impact printing has on the environment.

The largest custom vinyl banners are available at Graphic Impact, plus exclusive ways to make your banners more durable

We are capable of supplying any size banners required in record time. Why? Almost everything is produced in-house. Graphic Impact banners are constructed with latex inks. Friendly to the environment and yet more durable. Several different weight banners are available, and banners can be printed single or double-sided.

Graphic Impact uses thermal sealing for our indoor and outdoor banners with the advantages of heat, speed, and pressure to produce a welded seam. The resulting weld is firm. Even more substantial than the original material itself.  For small banners, the banner tape can be an excellent choice. Banner tape is not permanent, so Graphic Impact does not recommend this method for more giant, more weight-bearing banners, nor should it be used on outdoor products or those that require longevity. BUT MAKE SURE THAT THIS METHOD IS NOT USED FOR ANY OUTDOOR BANNER.


A combination of long lasting, a variety of inks and the latest technology

Latex inks have been shown to have increased durability over solvent banners. Pigmented inks still have the best resolution, and solvent inks are more flexible for several applications.

Durability is also something to be considered.  Graphic Impact defines durability as the ability to withstand “wear and tear” from different sources of potential damage to the banner prints. This damage can be due to sun fade due to exposure and ozone in the air. Additionally, latex sits on top of the banner, whereas solvent inks penetrate the vinyl, causing damage. Our custom vinyl banners, printed with latex inks, address environmental and health concerns from when a banner is printed to the time it is disposed of.

The best printers in the industry print the highest resolution. The most vivid color and the smallest detail can now be reproduced. We would be happy to demonstrate the capabilities of our technology and show you examples of our work. Plant tours are always encouraged.

You can design and then purchase your full-color banner online right now.  You'll see photos, bunches of typestyles, and the even University of Arizona licensed artwork to use in your design, and Graphic Impact is always ready to offer assistance.  There's no cost, so why not have some fun and give it a try?  Or call us at 520 795-7446 to speak with a design specialist directly.

Need a custom vinyl banner in one day?  Call Us!

Graphic Impact has a variety of banner printers to produce banners at speeds that make others look slow. Specializing in latex inks means that there is no drying time to allow printed banners to degas. The result is that Both small and large banners will be ready when you need them. There is never a set-up charge or requirement for minimum purchases.

Questions? Just talk to one of our designers at 520 795-7446.

Proudly Serving the Areas of Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Vail, and Our Clients Across the Country

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