Vinyl banner material

Best Vinyl Banner Material Choice For Your Next Project

The vinyl banner material you choose depends on the purpose.  And there are quite a few varieties of materials. So after you decide how you will be using the banner, Graphic Impact can help you choose the proper type.  A standard indoor or outdoor vinyl banner, a street banner, a fabric banner, or a mesh banners? There are many display options for these types of vinyl banner materials, so choosing the right one is a critical task. The choice will help you maximize the quality  and prevent any dissatisfaction at a later date. We’ll take a look at the three most popular banner types, the material used to produce them, and how each offers unique factors.

Internal Scrim in Vinyl Banner Material

Banners can be constructed using an internal scrim. This can reinforce the material and provides additional stability. It is a weave constructed from a heavy fabric that is placed as the center/internal layer of the banner. In the case of vinyl banners, a polyester (plastic-based) cording is used as the internal scrim. This scrim is then covered by a polyurethane-based layer (a technical description, don’t worry we’re here to help).

Mesh Pattern in Vinyl Banner Material

This pattern is used in mesh banners to add tensile strength while offering a transparent nature to the fabric. The mesh pattern is created from intersecting layers of vinyl, pressed together to form an incredibly strong and lightweight substrate. The result is a highly durable banner without the banner being completely opaque  This allows wind to easily pass through the material without having the risk of damaging or tearing the banner.  A great option for outdoor use, especially in windy conditions.

Outdoor Banner Material Must Resist Desert Heat & Extreme Cold Temperatures

Outdoor banner material must be durable and long lasting to stand up against extreme weather conditions. Outdoor vinyl Banner Material (vinyl banners and mesh banners) is perfect for weather resistance while maintaining the desired durability. The heavier denier (thread thickness) that is common in most vinyl and mesh banners will wick away water without damaging the design or quality of the product.  Choosing the right outdoor banner material is crucial for creating a successful and effective banner campaign. Weather conditions, size and location should all be taken into consideration when selecting your outdoor banner material.

Be careful when using fabric banners outdoors.  They are not designed to be weather resistant; their lightweight polyester is not suitable for prolonged contact with either liquids or sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time will cause your banner to fade. Fabric banners do just fine in an exterior location for several months but last indefinitely indoors.

In summary, vinyl and mesh banners use a vinyl material that is designed for outdoor use (with impressive water resistance) while fabric banners use a lighter, elegant polyester for indoor display.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banner material is used to produce  the most durable and commonly used banners for outdoor display purposes. Thirteen ounce (13 oz.) vinyl is the choice for everyday display. It is a lightweight material but very durable and versatile. For street banners (single or double-sided) we use 18 oz. vinyl banner material for printed banners. The heavier the material, the greater the durability and more opaque the material.  Regardless of weight, vinyl banners offer exceptional image quality and display versatility. materal

Fabric Banners for the Choice for Indoor Displays

Fabric banners are designed for incredible indoor display. The color is impressive and details of printed designs on fabric banners have no equal.

We're Here to Help you Make the Right Choice

Regardless of your banner choice, all banner types are customizable; your design will be printed to impress! Need help making that eye-catching design? Our free design service can help! Work directly with one of our professional customer service people to turn your idea into an awesome design. Call us anytime for help in choosing the right right vinyl banner material for your needs, give us a call at 520 795-7446.