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Designing Your Own Shirt or Hoodie Can Be a Lot of Fun Especially When You Customize a University of Arizona Shirt.


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Advantages of designing your own custom UArizona shirts

Custom UArizona shirts can now be designed right on-line. Are you content with buying the same old boring shirts off the rack for the next University of Arizona game.  Looking like everyone else and trying to figure out you ended up picking out the one you are wearing?  Was it on sale?  Last years model?  Or maybe even a gift that you have to wear.  Well then maybe this website isn’t for you.  

But how about something special?  The shirt or hoodie that doesn’t exist.  Or that shirt with a special color that goes with your new outfit.  If you see some of those special custom UArizona shirts around town, there’s a pretty good chance it was printed by Graphic Impact.  And probably it was ready to pick-up and wear in 1-2 days.

Why Graphic Impact?  We’re the only company that we know of that has been licensed by the University of Arizona to produce one of a kind UArizona custom shirts.

Interested. . . follow these easy steps

You have some ideas and you’re ready to take those ideas to the next level!  We have collections that cover almost any topic, including a collection dedicated to the University of Arizona.  You can pick colors, add the fonts you want and then customize it!  Visit our collections shown below, click on the the volume that appeals to you and browse away.  When you find one or more that you like, simply write down the artwork number and call or visit one of our designers to help you add the finishing touches.

Looking for even more inspiration?  Visit Getty Images and record the photo or graphic that you’ve been looking for. At Graphic Impact, we want your printing project to come out as perfectly as you do.  So, there’s no cost to you to use this service.  Contact customer service at 520 795-7446 to find out more.

Want to give it a try, just CLICK HERE.


Questions? Just talk to one of our designers at 520 795-7446.

Proudly Serving the Areas of Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Vail, and Our Clients Across the Country

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