Foam Core Signs are Perfect for Event Signs, Event Exhibits and Interior Applications

Foam Core is a Versatile, Inexpensive Material That Can Be Printed in Full Color


We Digitally Print Foam Core Signs. Any Size and Cut It to Shape. Amazing Color and Detail

Foam Core signs can be seen at almost any convention or meeting site. sizes are available up to 4 feet x 8 feet. This remarkably cheap material can be printed and then cut to any size or shape. Because the material is so cheap, it is a natural choice for signs that will only be utilized for a short period of time. We use durable UV inks and finish the job with a clear laminate. The result … a foam core sign with vivid colors and protected against spills, finger prints and vandalism.

Print Foam Core Signs Directly Instead of Mounting Paper to Foam Board

This material is very lightweight as well as strong, which makes it ideal for framing large works of art or posters, since it adds so little weight to the overall piece. Its rigidity stabilizes paper art but since we print directly onto the foam core will result can be more durable with a better look. Many times we print the foam core signs in full color as a mat background, but be careful — it is not archival. Styrofoam™ will break down over long periods of time.

Gatorboard vs Foam Core Signs Which Material Should I Use?

A major consideration is “How long will I be using the sign?” If it is just a few days (for a trade show or something on an easel, pick foam core. It’s a lot less expensive and will look great printed in full color. If however the sign must last, we suggest gator board. Foam core warps with temperature and humidity. Plan on carrying the sign from place to place? Use gator board. Anything that is meant to be a permanent display like family portraits, product photos or buildings should be printed on gator board.

We use UV inks for both foam board printing and gator board. Both are finished with a clear coat laminate.

You Can’t Beat the Price!

Foam Core signs and coroplast signs are the cheapest signs available. Both materials can be printed with durability for interior and temporary outdoor use. Cut to any size or shape. Call us today for a quotation.