Pole Banners

Advantages of Pole Banners and Street Banners

Keeping it simple is the key to designing pole banners. Your audience must be able to recognize and easily read your message.  Pay close attention to the hardware that is selected,  the banner hemming process and special permits that may be required.  Founded in 1989, Graphic Impact has had extensive experience in all of these areas.

Street banners are popular throughout downtown areas..  Here are some important consideration when designing yours:

  • Bright, contrasting colors
  • Keeping the number of words in a minimum
  • Making sure that words/ideas are the major focus and easy to read
  • Be sure that the brand is prominent
Small graphics and what we call a novel are made for brochures, not banners.

Graphic Impact is a strong proponent of latex inks. Light-fade resistance is a measure of how well a print resists fading with exposure to light and other environmental factors such as ozone. The color of an ink comes from its dyes or pigments, and over time these particles will be broken down by UV rays in sunlight, resulting in colors that fade. Prints produced with inks that contain pigments, such as Latex Inks, tend to last longer than prints produced with inks that contain dyes, but nonetheless they will start to fade over time
depending on the intensity of UV light exposure. We expect up to five years durability in direct sun.

Graphic Impact offers a variety of different materials for our custom banner printing

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