Arizona Mens Basketball Backdrops and Displays

Fabric Banners as a Backdrop. A Great Choice, Find Out Why

Fabric banners as a backdrop make a great background where added durability is a requirement.  These usually serve as a backdrop for athletic events and other special events, press releases and anywhere a strong brand is needed.  The University of Arizona is one such example. The lighter weight of fabric banners makes it a popular choice for travel. Many fabric banners can be folded and unfolded wrinkle free.

These banners are produced digitally and usually with latex ink. The process is rapidly replacing sublimation which is labor intensive resulting in higher cost and longer deliveries. Vivid photo quality results are obtained.

When are fabric banners my best choice?

Digital ink jet printing is the process of choice. It is much faster than sublimation printing. Because in sublimation there is heat transfer involved, it takes longer and is much more labor intensive. Whichever process is utilized, fabric banners are more expensive than vinyl banners. If needed for an “outdoor special sale” then vinyl is probably your most cost-effective solution, but if you will use your banners again and again over a year or two, then the higher initial cost of fabric banners balances out against the longer life. Fabric is generally more resilient, and modern materials and printing techniques allow fabric colors to be just as bright and saturated as vinyl. There are several different fabrics available to print on. Graphic Impact can help select the one that is right for you.
Two other differences are that vinyl banners tend to have a glossy finish that reflects light. This is not usually a problem, but in certain settings and lighting environments you may prefer the matte surface of fabric banners. It is up to 70% less in weight than a vinyl banner, has a soft touch and feel and when folded is wrinkle resistant. This make it an ideal product for travel to special events and exhibits. The Graphic Impact fabric banners exhibit vivid colors and the resulting detailed prints are fantastic.

Graphic Impact offers a variety of different materials for our custom banner printing

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