Graphic Impact is Licensed to Produce a Variety of Awards Together with a variety of other products for the University of Arizona

Donors deserve the best. As do over achievers. As do students that have excelled with special accomplishments. Whenever possible, Graphic Impact’s designs are unique and are made to last a lifetime. Let’s team together to make the next one, the one that they’ll cherish forever.

University of Arizona Licensed Products, Awards And Plaques

What Are The Different Types of Awards for The University of Arizona

An award depending on the recipient, comes in a variety of different forms. A framed jersey, a favorite, framed, autographed photo, and acrylic, glass, crystal and wooden plaques of both natural wood and laminated products. The best news? Graphic Impact produces all of these products in house.  And these are University of Arizona licensed products. Although we have hundreds of designs from which to choose, a unique accomplishment deserves a unique award.

Types of Awards that have been given out previously

  • Donor Awards
  • Employee of the Month Awards
  • Work Anniversary Awards
  • Department MVP Awards
  • Teamwork Awards
  • Sales Awards
  • Team’s Choice Awards
  • Most Creative Awards
  • Safety Awards
  • Leadership Awards
  • Character Awards
  • Mentor Awards
  • Innovation Awards
  • Customer Service Awards
  • Top Performer Awards