UArizona Street Banners

UArizona Street Banners.  Demonstrating How Simple is Sometimes Better

UArizona Street Banners.  A major part of marketing strategy.

Whenever possible, street banners should be a major part of your strategy.  Here’s why:

  1. These banners will be noticed by traffic as well as people walking near your store or facility.
  2. Street banners draw attention to other elements in your branding strategy.
  3. Street banners are one of the least expensive ways to advertise your brand or message to your audience.
  4. Research shows that street banners are remembered longer and have more views than almost any other type of advertising available.

What a site along National Championship Drive. Perfect color matching, durability and message strength are all critical. How far away will the banners be viewed, and do the colors, type styles, logos and graphics carry the same message as the rest of your advertising.  AND PLEASE KEEP LETTERING LARGE AND EASY TO READ.

UArizona Street Banners Used to celebrate national championships.

A major goal of these banners was to draw recognition from visitors and prospective student-athletes.  Are you aware of the number of NCAA Championships won by the University of Arizona.

Establish your company colors and typestyle.  Be consistent in their usage!

As you view the UArizona Street Banners, notice how the University’s colors dominate the available space. Remember the main objective, CONSISTENT BRANDING.

As was Done with These UArizona Street Banners, Spend Time determining the objectives of your project and how you will reach your audience.

Have all of the goals been met by the University of Arizona?  Graphic Impact was pleased to partner on this project.