Products for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations require visuals  that draw attention, yet portray a professional image. Graphic Impact can provide all of your printed material, your signs, banners, and posters and your engraved products such as name tags, desk plates and display items. We are know for our ability to produce signs for non-profits.

We have over 30 years experience.  We’ll be happy to help you design signs, donor awards, shirts and promotional specialties.  You can also design many of these products right on line.

By utilizing one supplier, you can be sure that all of your products will reflect the right image. And by dealing directly with the manufacture your costs will be lower.

    • Banners
    • Event Signage
    • Printing of All Types
    • Awards and Plaques
    • Mailing
    • T Shirts
    • Advertising Specialties
    • Posters
    • Canvas Prints

    Awards and Plaques for Non-Profit

    Campaign success depends on every facet of the community. Gifts from individuals, corporations, sponsors, and in-kind donations are critical to the success of every non-profit. Without support of community members, many local programs would suffer or cease to exist.

    Reward the performers that make you successful. Awards or plaques should be based on giving. Graphic Impact is a leading producer of plaques and awards. We have all types including glass, acrylic, crystal, metal and natural wood. These are lasered to produce intricate designs and small type. Printed in full color.

    Design assistance available.