Digital Restaurant Menu Boards are a Real Game Changer

So you’re in the food service business (large or small).  You have ever-changing menus.  Sometimes because of food items and sometimes because of price changes.  And it seem like specials are always changing.  Graphic Impact may have just the right solution for you.  Digital Restaurant Menu Boards!  And no, this isn’t one of those systems that will cost you a lot of money.  And no, there not a monthly maintenance fee.  Here’s how it works …

We have over 25 templates that can be used for digital restaurant menu boards.  We’ll ask you for a handful of menu items of your favorite dishes and, of course the prices.  We ask you if you also would like to display specials, hours of operations, and special desserts.  Maybe we’ll even thrown in time and temperature, scrolling ESPN sports highlights and headline news.  Our unit works on almost any monitor.  So we come up with a size that fits.   And maybe even build a frame around it.  We want to make sure that it’s a product that will make you proud.

How are Digital Restaurant Menu Boards Installed?

You do have to have access to the internet.  The system can either be hard wired or wireless.  Either way it’s connected to our facility over the cloud.  And communicates through a small box which remains hidden behind the monitor.  That’s pretty much it.  We download the content to your restaurant and then control by turning the monitor off and on during business hours.

What Type of Maintenance is Required?

None really.  But you’ll probably want to change menu items, modify prices, have specials during the day and who knows what else.  We can take care of that for you (which most of our clients choose) or you can actually make the changes yourself.  If we make the changes they’re done over the internet and it usually is within the hour.  You know, digital changes to Digital Restaurant Menu Boards.  Unless you want to make significant changes to the design.
Questions? Just talk to one of our designers at 520 795-7446.