Crystal and Glass Awards


Glass Awards, The Highest Quality Recognition Available

Glass , Nothing says success better than our glass awards collection. The variety of styles make these glass awards ideal for recognition and appreciation gifts. There is no better way to recognize an employee’s work ethic and commitment than by giving them a very unique glass award. Crystal and glass awards are the most prestigious recognition award that can be given to a donor or by corporate contribution.

glass awardsSome of the many uses for glass award plaques include service awards, achievement awards, corporate recognition awards, awards celebrating years of service or corporate milestones and retirement. They are a great way to recognize great achievers and to say congratulations and a job well done.

Graphic Impact sees every project as a new opportunity to solve a creative need and we take great pride in our workmanship. We will put our 25 years to work for you to design an award that conveys your message beautifully.

The quality of our glass awards

The quality of a glass award starts with the raw materials themselves. There are several glass award categories such as clear glass, jade glass, plaques and recycled glass. Each of the glass awards must be polished and beveled in the production process. High-powered lasers are used to etch text and a corporate logo. Our capability even allows us to add full color graphics to glass awards, making them truly unique and sure to stand out in a crowd.

Rather than outsource our awards we laser them, print them, or route them in-house. Because we are the manufacturer, you deal directly with the people who create your award. There is no middleman and the savings can be passed on to you.

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