See What Digital Signage Can Do For Your Organization

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage are video systems installed by Graphic Impact and can be seen in retail stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities and many other facilities.

Digital_3A screen is divided into multiple parts remotely by internet to show videos, menus, traffic patterns, weather, directions and much more. Programming is done by Graphic Impact and programming changes can be accomplished almost instantaneously.  From a retail point of view digital signage has been proven to increase sales significantly.

“Digital signage” is an alternative to static signs. Retailers like restaurants and transit systems are increasingly common. Every day more and more campuses, government institutions and corporations are finding their own ways to benefit from this increasingly affordable technology.

We have over 500 templates are available.  Or we will completely customize a solution for you.  Graphic Impact’sDigital_2 digital signage software can be used for a wide range of applications… meeting rooms, corporate lobbies, student lounges, call centers, banks, manufacturing areas, and virtually any public space or network.
You can use our digital signage to welcome visitors, show meeting schedules, or tell employees what’s for lunch. Way finding is a popular application. We can even show traffic and weather. What we can accomplish with this exciting new technology is limited only by your creativity.  When combining digital and static signs we are able to propose the right solution for you.
Some of the benefits of digital signage include:
• You can deliver important messages in record time.
• Screens are bright and show motion.
• We can deliver multiple things on a screen at once.
• You can change what’s on the screen throughout the day.
• It’s cheaper than print for big audiences.
• It is a greener alternative when compared to print.
We provided turnkey solutions without recurring charges!

A great enhancement for organizations of all sizes.