Strong Branding of Your Logo


Custom Branded Products for Corporations: Logos, Architectural And Much More

Graphic Impact is an in-house manufacturer ready to help with all of your custom  branded products

Window lettering, backlit signs, chrome letters, lobby signs are part of a corporate identity program. A graphic identity, to be effective, must be consistent in a signage program that includes directional signage and restroom signs.

As a manufacturer of custom branded products, Graphic Impact can manage your Corporate Signage program. We are experts in creating signs that can complete your identity program, matching color, style, and font to assure your branding message is reinforced through the entire experience of interacting with your organization.[/text_box]We produce ADA signs and architectural signs, both fully compliant with ADA standards.

Graphic Impact caters to large and small producing custom branded products for such things as . . .

  • Interior and exterior branding

  • ADA signs for new and renovated construction
  • Custom color canvas prints, posters and foam core of all sizes

  • Custom shirts with logos

  • Banners

  • Wayfinding

  • Name tags and wall signage

  • Brochures and printing of all types

  • Booth exhibits, back-drops and table throws
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The finish of our banners is beautiful and sophisticated making it possible for you to display an elegant sign which is still economical

Whether you visit our our large showroom in Tucson, or call us, our goal is to help you with your corporate identity and branding program though effective corporate identity signage. As the manufacturer, we can produce your message and create a portal for your branches to have fast access to approve corporate designed signs. Whether they are dynamically changing messages or a privately branded campaign, we keep your files on hand so we can quickly fulfill your sign requirements.


ADA braille compliant and architectural signs

Graphic Impact supplies a complete line of interior and exterior signage for corporate buildings. Almost all of the modules will be designed in house and you can rest assured that everything will be ADA compliant. Feel free to visit our large showroom to see samples we have done for other clients.

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