Full Color Backlit Signs | Interior Applications Such as Airports | Exterior Applications Such as Monument Signs

Graphic Impact, a local Tucson company prints almost any type of full color backlit sign in-house, making your project easier than ever. Graphic Impact uses a high-quality backlit vinyl for indoor applications and a special vinyl for outdoor applications. Contact Graphic Impact for more information or to get started at 520-795-7446.

What are Full Color Backlit Signs and How are They Used ?

What is So Different About Full Color Backlit Signs?

Full Color, Backlit Sign Replacement Faces

The term backlit or backlit signs is a generic description for any graphic that is lit from behind. But our best solution for your specific application will be determined by the type of material and how you’re planning to use it. Did you know that there at least seven different way to fabricate a backlit sign and a lot depends on your specific application.  We’re glad to help you find the best solution.

Graphic Impact specializes in light box signs and replacement faces for backlit signs. We have been making these colorful high resolution displays since 1989. We print directly onto lexan and acrylic in full color. Normally on a translucent surface we print “double layers” so that they are as vivid in the day time as they are in the dark. We are happy to show you samples and the difference our new printing systems can make for next project.  Best of all there’s no extra cost when using the latest technology.

Standard, Backlit, Lacking That Daytime WOW Factor

Versatile Fabric Interior Signs. Popular for Retail Applications

This application is great for short-term backlit applications like window displays, point of purchase displays, concerts and airport graphics. 
These are the most popular of all the backlit graphics but they typically do not have the same look during the day as at night when they are lit from behind.

More and more fabrics are being used as backlit displays these days. More and more companies are moving to fabrics for backlits because they are light weight, easy to install, and produce stunning vibrant colors. Additionally, the fabrics we print are surprisingly inexpensive and are printed in full color.