wrap for a van

Non-Profit Wrap For Van Draws Attention

Vans such as those by the Ronald McDonald House are used for a variety of transportation needs.  We estimate that the vehicle and vehicle wraps will get more than 40,000 views/day.  For small companies and non-profits, there is no better way to advertise.  With the advent of more electrical vehicles on the road and tax incentives that are offered, could this be an advantage for your business or organization?

Plan Carefully When Doing a wrap for a van

If your vehicle will be seen in traffic, make sure the graphics, logo, website and/or phone number can be easily seen. Too many times a vehicle is decorated with so many themes it becomes difficult to recognize. Careful planning will solve this challenge.

Durability of a wrap for a van

A word about durability. When your vehicle is in the sun all day, or there are graphics in areas that are parallel to the sun, the durability will definitely be affected. Paying attention to where you park your vehicle (whenever possible) will help in the long run.

If your message is simple and there are budget constraints, consider vehicle magnets.