Vinyl Banner Backdrop

Vinyl Banners as Backdrops for Conferences, Exhibits and Special Events

A vinyl banner is the least expensive backdrop for exhibits and is a great choice for photo shooting and televised events

Advantages of a vinyl banner as a backdrop

 Take it with you and roll it up when not in use. Easy to clean with a mild detergent. Although a fabric banner (also supplied by Graphic Impact) has a classier look, is a lighter weight and can be shipped and carried easier, it is more expensive. You most likely have seen our work for the University of Arizona athletics department during press conferences on television as well as various coaches shows. The advantages: Graphic Impact can print both a vinyl backdrop and a fabric backdrop at almost any size, a vinyl backdrop is cost effective and your banner will usually be ready for pick-up in 1-2 business days. questions? Just speak with a member of our Customer Support Team at 520 795-7446.


graphic impact suggests these points to consider for your vinyl banner backdrop

  • Consider how the banner will be used.  Be sure that the banner is large enough to be a background for everyone sitting or standing in front of it.
  • Keep your design simple.  Most often, a logo and/or event name is all that is required.
  • If the banner has been stored for a long period of time, lay it flat before its next use. (warm temperatures are best)
  • Make sure that a banner is cleaned before the next use.  Mild detergent, such as Dawn, should do the job.
  • Never fold a vinyl banner.  Roll it around a cardboard core. (with at least a four inch diameter)
  • Work with a company whose technology is state of the art.  Resolution, and being able to reproduce the finest details are critical.