Mesh Banners University of Arizona

Comparing a Vinyl Banner and a Mesh Banner

Featured are both vinyl banners and a large mesh banner. A vinyl banner is made of a solid laminate material. As such this is a great choice for hanging in an area that will receive a lot of wear and tear, hanging against a wall or in high traffic or viewing areas. Interior and exterior use are both normal applications.As the name implies, a mesh banner, is a banner banner with small holes to allow wind to pass through. They are primarily used as one sided signs outside. Created with UV, abrasion resistant ink, they are maybe slightly more expensive that vinyl banners. The air flow friendly design means that it may have prolonged life in windy conditions. The mesh portion reduces the weight of the banners as the wind travels between the mesh holes. This reduces wrinkling and tearing. Since mesh banners are usually seen from a song distance, the holes will not be visible and will closely resemble the look of vinyl banners.

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