HP Latex R1000

HP Latex R1000 Plus Printer. Unprecedented Quality and Colors

The HP Latex R1000 With Breathtaking Color the Highest Resolution and Durability

With the new HP Latex R1000 Printer Series, you can transform any rigid or flexible substrate with amazing colors.  You can transform new substrates to set yourself apart from your competition.  This is one printer you must see close-up and in action.

Here are ways our new flat bed digital printer, will make your next project something truly spectacular. Recommended highly for backlit signage, professional photography and artwork, as well as high end booth displays and presentation graphics.

  • Undercoat and overcoat for increased durability and scratch resistance
  • Highest industry resolution.
  • Up to 43 pass printing (if you’re not technical, don’t worry about this one).
  • Textile (fabric printing)
  • Double sided window graphics

And HP Latex White Ink. For darker substrates. Whites that fade to yellow are becoming a thing of the past with white HP Latex Ink, That includes the glossiest of whites on new substrates like wood and acrylic. You’ll see white like you never have before.