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Flatbed printing is a type of printing that uses a flatbed printer. This type of printer is faster and more efficient than other types of printers, and it eliminates many of the problems that can occur with other types of printers. Flatbed printing speeds up production times and reduces overall costs, making it a great option for businesses.

Our flatbed printer is the highest-rated in the industry, manufactured by HP. It’s capable of printing onto materials up to 8 feet wide and two inches thick in six colors plus white ink with ultra-high resolution and photographic quality, extending durability outdoors. This versatile technology enables us to work on common substrates such as aluminum, wood, plastic and glass that can bring out flawed surfaces before adhering to the printed sheet of banners. Flatbed printing eliminates all these problems while speeding up production times and reducing overall costs. We’ve been using this technology for years to produce stunning results throughout the Southwest, as showcased on other parts of our website as well as for real estate signage purposes.
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Our Conclusion

In conclusion, flatbed latex printers provide several advantages, including faster production times, greater accuracy in printing intricate details compared to traditional roll-fed prints, reduced waste due to no need for test prints and the ability to print on thicker materials.
1. Versatility: Flatbed latex printers can print on a wide range of materials, including rigid substrates such as wood, metal, glass, and more.
2. Durability: The printed output is more durable against fading, scratching, and cracking, thanks to the use of latex-based inks.
3. Eco-friendliness: Latex inks are water-based and eco-friendly, making them safe for the environment and human health.
4. High-quality printing: Flatbed latex printers can print at high resolutions, resulting in sharp, vibrant, and detailed prints.
5. Cost-effective: Flatbed latex printers offer a cost-effective printing solution, particularly for short-run and custom printing jobs.
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