Compare Vinyl, Mesh, and Flag Banners

Compare Vinyl Banners, Mesh Banners, and Banner Flags: Pros and Cons

When it comes to an effective and affordable marketing solution for your business, you’ll find that banners are the least expensive.  There a variety of different types of banners available, and they may be the perfect option for you.  Vinyl banners, mesh banners and banner flags can all promote your brand or deliver your message. All of these can be customized to your design, in full color, and at any size or shape.  In this article, we will examine these three types of banners so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your business.

what's the difference between vinyl banners, mesh banners and flag banners?

In general, there are three types of banners and they are vinyl banners, mesh banners, and flags, AKA feather banners:

  • Vinyl Banners are fabricated from heavy duty, highly durable, material.  They can be used in interior and exterior locations and if printed and finished properly will stand up to rigorous weather conditions.
  • Mesh Banners are constructed of PVC mesh that allows airflow and light to flow through to the areas behind it. When they are mounted on the outside of a building, they do not significantly restrict the view or the light that enters through the windows it covers. The light is filtered not blocked by the banner.  The mesh serves as a benefit in windy conditions.
  • Flag Banners are attractive and will catch the attention of people that drive past or walk past them. As they sway in wind, the movement is bound to catch the attention of passersby who may not be drawn to billboards, signage on buildings or A Frames. They are available in various shapes and sizes, and have a unique look to the areas around them.

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Pros of using vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are an ideal choice for a number of reasons:

  • The Most Durable of All Banner Types
    Assuming PVC banner material is at least 13oz it is the most durable of all banner types. The durability makes it easier to cleanWhen hems are heat sealed or sewn, they will not rip or come loose in high temperatures or heavy winds.
  • Longer Lasting
    Vinyl banners normally last longer than other types.  This is a cost-effective marketing solution since these banners last anywhere from three to ten years.
  • Creates a Cohesive Look for Your Brand
    The most vivid colors, even when printing double-sided.  There should be no problem reproducing your logo (at any size). Popular at large events and as backdrops for this reason.

Cons of Using vinyl banners

While vinyl banners may sound like the perfect solution, there are some drawbacks you should consider before making a decision: 

  • Not The Best Choice Where An Upscale Look Or Soft Touch Is Desired
    Because vinyl banners are made so durable, they lack the look you find in most interior retail locations. If this is your intended use, you may also want to consider textile banners.
  • Weight Of Banner Material
    A vinyl banner is heavy, actually four times heavier than a textile banner that is the same size.  Additionally, it should be rolled rather than folded on trips and travel.  Always consider the intended use before considering which banner is correct before purchasing.
  • Wear & Tear
    If your banner will be installed in a windy location (over 30 miles per hour wind) vinyl banners might tear, since air cannot flow through the banner. Make sure, therefore, your banner is installed against a flat surface.

Pros of Using mesh banners

Notice those large banners attached to buildings and even to large glass panels, good chance they are mesh banners

  • Mesh Banners Allow Air Flow Through The Banner
    The PVC mesh construction of the banner allows air flow.  Therefore in windy conditions you may want to consider mesh banners.
  • Take Advantage of the Translucent Nature of Mesh Banners
    Mesh banners are printed with full color graphics and background on the viewing side. When seen on the back side, it can serve as a tint. This makes it ideal as a temporary retail solution to draw added attention.  This becomes another advantage when covering taller structures with windows.
  • Less Weight Than A Standard Vinyl Banner
    The mesh banner construction makes for a banner that is easier to carry for events and sports venues, as well as being less expensive than a textile banner.

Cons of Using mesh banners

Mesh banners have a limited number of uses and should not be used for general banner applications.  Here are some reasons why.

  • Colors Will Not Be As Vibrant As Vinyl Banners
    The PVC mesh means that the entire surface cannot be printed.  Colors may appeared faded. Applying more ink may help somewhat.
  • Although Length of a Mesh Banner is Almost Unlimited, The Vertical Height is Limited to Eight Feet
    For banners that exceed the vertical dimension they must be seamed or you should consider a vinyl banner.
  • Less Weight Than A Standard Vinyl Banner
    A mesh banner is lighter and the PVC thickness is less.  Expect that the durability in exterior applications will be less.  Be sure to strengthen all hems around the mesh banner.

Pros of Using Flag banners

One of the most underrated marketing tools of the last 5 years has been promotional flags. They are proven to get more attention than almost any other promotional advertising.

  • Best Type Of Banner To Draw Attention
    Nothing beats a flag standing tall, billowing on a windy day to draw attention to your business. Using more than one flag will increase the attention draw by over 3 times.
  • Five Times More Effective At Getting Customers To your Business 
    Custom advertising flags are 5X more effective at getting customers to your business than all other forms of outdoor advertising in high traffic areas?
  • Flag Banners Are Available In A Number Of Different Shapes
    Feather, teardrop or rectangle flags are our most popular.  Single or double sided.

Cons of Using Flag banners

Although flag banners are great for attracting attention, there are a few disadvantages:

  • Limited Ways Of Installation
    Banner flags normally include hardware to mount into a somewhat soft surface.  Do not mount flag banners onto fences or walls.
  • Limited Durability In Outdoor Locations
    Colors tend to fade over time. Also flag banners might tear when there are winds that exceed 50 miles/hr. 
  • Sizes Are Limited
    There are usually only a  limited number of sizes available. For larger projects consider vinyl banners, mesh banners or fabric banners.

Now that you know the pros and cons of banner choices, you can feel more confident when making the purchase decision for your business and brand.

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