Advantages of Using Etchmark on Glass

Etchmark provides the look of etched glass for privacy and elegant interior window accents at a fraction of the cost of Etching or Sand Blasting!

Given its superior construction, the Etchmark is expected to last 5 years outdoors, and 15 years indoor. The film best performs on transparent substrates, such as glass, acrylic sheets, and polycarbonates. This item is very popular for jobs where a premium-finish is desired and long, reliable performance is demanded.

Some applications include:

  • External & internal window graphics
  • Windows, screens, doors and mirrors
  • Architectural signage
  • For use as privacy screening

Use Caution When Removing Etchmark on Glass

Normal removal techniques are not generally appropriate when removing frosted vinyl from glass. Applying heat can cause the glass to crack or shatter. Using a solution of water and dish soap, saturate the vinyl with a fine mist, then cover with bubble wrap or plastic for two hours to prevent drying. The mixture of soap and water will penetrate through the vinyl and make removal much easier, without using heat.