Vehicle Wraps and Graphics. Cheapest Method of Advertising.

You see them everywhere!  Billboards, Bus Wraps, Backlit Displays, and Bus Benches.  Most of these displays are static and as a result only get seen in one location.  One solution is to have displays in multiple locations.   But whether you’re a small company with one vehicle or have an entire fleet, and instead of paying thousands of dollars per month, an eye-catching vehicle wrap will normally run you $1,500-$2,000.  We’ve used this ZAMBONI we wrapped for Truly Nolan.  A great visual that will be in front of a market for an entire hockey game.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to think out of the box.  You need someone that help you explore all of the options an Graphic Impact has the experience and reputation to help you get the job done.  Just ask the Tucson Roadrunners.