Getting to that ‘light bulb’ moment as an entrepreneur can be tricky. But what business owners don’t always realise is that their winning idea can be simple.

Since the dawn of humankind, there have been flashes of inspiration that have changed the lives of individuals, communities and indeed, the world.

From Greek inventor Archimedes and his exclamations of ‘Eureka’ to Sir Isaac Newton’s breakthrough on gravity, thanks to a falling apple, along with many, many more besides, history is littered with tales of ‘light bulb’ moments.

Great business ideas don’t have to be complex

Business innovation

When it comes to having ‘light-bulb moments’, are SME owners winning the race?

But of course, not all ideas are world-changing, and they don’t have to be. What they can be, for entrepreneurs and businesses owners, is the spark that leads to a successful new enterprise, product or service that can change the direction of their careers and those of the people they work with.