Sustainable ADA Signage

Sustainable, Braille ADA Signage. Compliant and Printed.

Taking a look at ADA signage

Sustainable ADA Signage!  With strict guidelines for height, readability and lettering, it would seem that in the of category ADA signs, a sign is a sign is a sign. However, within the rules lie ample design opportunities, and Graphic Impact fulfills the challenge to be original.  Especially in a corporate environment, it is important to make sure that not only is a brand consistent in its usage, but also that the proper message and image is portrayed to client.  We have a number of different ways of designing and fabricating interior signs of all types.  This is an example of ADA signs

Sustainable ADA Signage.  A solution to consider

Although acrylic, metal and PVC are the most common materials that are used, our client demanded materials that were sustainable.  They believed strongly that everyone should do their part.  Hence, the use of cork and bamboo.  All braille, graphics and lettering were printed.  The end result was fantastic and more than met the client’s expectations.

So for that next project, why not pick the design and fabrication method that will play an important part in the overall strategy of your company?

Block A
Regional Transportation
City of Tucson
Tucson Medical Center
Pima County
Boys and Girls Club of Tucson