Standard Retractable Banner. Single or Double Sided and Easy to Change.

A standard size banner for single-sided or double-sided (image on both sides) is eighty inches x thirty inches.  Note that sizing is adjustable and can easily be made smaller or larger.Regardless of the size of yur company or organization a vinyl banner displayed on a retractable banner stand can offer significant advantages.

Retractable stands, also known as banner pop-ups are light weight and easy to transport make them ideal for trade shows or marketing presentations.   They can be assembled with no hardware and take up little floor space.  It really only takes a minute or  two to unroll a retractable banner and set it up anywhere.  The vinyl banners are easy to change out and the full color graphics created by Graphic Impact are spectacular.

So, not only do they improve the appearance of your vinyl banner while allowing you to change the image on a whim, they are much easier to display because they require no added brackets or any other type of hardware.

Assembling a Retractable Banner

Assembling a pop-up banner is simple.  Much like operating a window shade.  The solid metal base goes on the floor and the banner within the stand is simply pulled up. You’ll see these banner stands at retail stores, trade shows, museums, points of purchase locations, and sales meetings.  Sizes of pop-up banners can be the size of a full banner or small enough to fit on a front counter.