QR Codes On Banners and Signs Makes A Difference

Vinyl banners and site signs are meant to share information about your business. Whether a directional sign or window graphic, there’s a new game in town that can help drive sales and traffic. It’s called a QR or Quick Response Code.

What is a QR Code and why do I need one? How can QR codes on signs and banners help me market my business?
A QR or quick response code is a type of barcode that can be read by a mobile phone and which links to a dedicated web page. In order to read the code, the phone must have a photo viewer and the software to decipher the code. The neat thing about QR code signs is that, unlike a web address that is printed on a banner, the customer can go directly from the code to a website offer.

QR codes started in Japan and then spread across Europe. It’s taken a bit longer for QR codes to catch on in the United States. With more and more people who have iPhones or Android phones, there becomes more potential opportunity for utilizing QR codes as part of a campaign. Already QR codes are being utilized on trucks and buses as mobile billboards. Even students have printed QR codes on their clothing to direct their friends to their Facebook page or Twitter profile.

Magazines, billboards, even vehicle signs or vehicle wraps are starting to use these codes. Printed direct mail pieces as part of a business outreach program or candidate’s political campaign are utilizing the power of QR codes to connect with an audience or constituency.

One of the cool uses for QR codes is to link to product information, much like the point of sale signs we created for Best Buy.  Best Buy used our QR signs to share more in depth information about the product, with links to the manufacturers sites as well as product specifications and video demos of the product.

Some uses of QR  codes include linking to a fundraising page for a charity or organization.  Printed QR codes on a banner can direct the user to learn about a sale or contest.  The uses of and applications for QR codes as part of an advertising and marketing program are just beginning to be explored.  If you’d like to learn more about how to use QR codes, contact the pros at Graphic Impact, or download our eBook with 10 Great Ideas on how to use QR to Improve Your Business!


QR code signs and banners are a smart way for businesses to fill in the gap between their offline and online marketing efforts and provide their customers with a seamless experience. Contact us today to learn more.

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