Quality Coroplast Prints, Full Color, No Minimum

We have been successful in using the least expensive material for digitally printed signs.  And at the same time producing these signs with the highest quality and durability.  Our finishing process includes a clear coat which extends durability and makes colors even more vivid.
Here’s how to evaluate the quality of a coroplast print:

  • Is the resolution high enough to see the smallest detail?
  • Are the colors vivid enough? Pay close attention to reds and blacks.
  • When comparing signs, are the colors the same from sign to sign?
  • Can you order the same sign again and again and be confident of the quality?
  • Can signs be ready when you need them? (sometimes in one day when necessary)
Block A
Regional Transportation
City of Tucson
Tucson Medical Center
Pima County
Boys and Girls Club of Tucson