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According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (a marketing and education organization serving the promotional products industry), it’s hard to beat branded promotional products when it comes to cost per brand impression.
Branded Promotional Products

Custom Promotional Products: Is There Ever A Right Time?

Custom promotional products that are either used frequently or in high-traffic public places provide the most impressions and thus better value for every marketing dollar spent.  One such commodity is a pen.  When we first started in business, and went out for a meal.  We used a credit card to pay checks, and, making sure that the quality of the pen I used was a favorite, I would trade the pen with the one that accompanied the check.  I lost count after we had given out 100 pens.  Did I wonder how many people saw my company’s brand just from that one action?
Branded Promotional Products

How do I select the right Promotional Branded Products?

My first choice for discovering popular products is google.  Let’s say I have a pet store.  I would look under “Pet Store Providers of Promotional Supplies.”  Understanding that promotional suppliers always highlight their most popular promotional branded products first, I would list those products and choose ones that made the most sense. That emotional connection further strengthens the value by associating good feelings with your brand, getting more people talking about your brand, and increasing brand recall. In my example, typically, products like dog toysleashes, and dog waste bag dispensers were the answer since they are used multiple times a day, further increasing brand impressions.
Custom Promotional Products

A final word about selecting the right company

After researching and narrowing down your choices to a few of the “ideal” products, it’s time to select the company with whom you would like to work.  We hope your choice will be GRAPHIC IMPACT. We were founded in 1989 and have the experience you need.  We are both a distributor and manufacturer, meaning lowest prices, highest quality, and our company offers necessary quantity to order.

Are you ordering for the University of Arizona?  Graphic Impact is one of only eight companies licensed to provide promotional specialties to the University.

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