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Why use promotional specialties?

Promotional advertising is intended to create a special impact in the field of marketing any given product. And this is the reason that promotional business products are used for different promotional campaigns and many different ways.

Some of the ways in which promotional specialties are used

1.Promotional Items – This is one of the oldest methods of promotional advertising. Hundreds of promotional products are in used in many different ways to promote are used for promotional events. The promotional goods usually wear the imprints and different messages for the purpose of promotion. Items like pens, mugs, bags and notebooks have become traditional promotional items but then new concepts like stress balls are making positive impact or a simple fact that they are extremely well received.

2.Trade shows– Trade shows are one of the best platforms for distributing logo gifts, this is the platform where one can access to thousands o companies and it works wonders for promotional exchange products. The trade show promotional items have to be selected keeping in mind the target people and the product or the company that is being promoted.

3.Trade show give away gifts– Promotional business products to be used as trade show give away gifts needs to be chosen carefully as is the case of any other products. One should keep in mind that the traditional products no longer create the desired impact and in today’s scenario one should aim at arresting the attention of the trade community and then the work is done and this best done through introducing fun element in the promotional product and that is called smart promotional strategy for hits the goal with humor.

4.Select the right promotional specialty– One of the major avenues of ad specialties is that they need to be manipulated as per target customer. For example the same product may not go well with two different communities of professionals and this is the reason they need to be manipulated to appeal the right group with the right product and its look. An engineering community may not be much impressed with product that goes well with the salesperson community. It is just that they understand different languages in terms of advertising products. Thus, one the major specialty of promotional advertising is correct approach and success rate is directly proportional with that.Specialty promotional products are products that are literally used to market a brand. These will usually be branded with a logo and given away massively. For the majority of the time, these types of items will be produced in a collection of various other types of merchandise. As mentioned, the items will be given away in marketing campaigns. This is incredibly popular nowadays, what with all the competing political groups and large companies battling it out for more market awareness. It is a very common method but can be very effective if planned well.

Improving the corporate brand

Does specialty advertising help to improve Corporate brand image. Marketing experts and brand specialists believe that it does. So what is it in specialty advertising that helps in improving Corporate brands. In simple terms it helps to improve brand visibility and makes the brand more visible to the intended audience and outside. We very often see people carrying a HP bag or a Microsoft T-shirt or students wearing a logo’d cap or t-shirt of their universities. It immediately helps us to associate with that brand and helps to maintain the brand image. Let us now see what strategies businesses, educational institutions and even social service sectors are adopting to keep their brand prominence. They are adopting promotions using business gifts and other promotional items, adopting social media strategies and also alternative media like bus advertising or bus benches.

The size of your company doesn't matter

Small companies can deliver positive impact to their bottom line by using an effective tool enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies for less than a penny per impression. Promotional products, also known as advertising specialties, are more effective and affordable than most media. Promotional products are useful items imprinted with the company name and/or logo on them, such as caps, pens, polo-type shirts, automotive accessories, and mugs.

One of only a few licensed suppliers dedicated to providing UArizona promotional specialties

Are you in search of a specific item or are you just searching for some great ideas? Graphic Impact is truly a  one-stop shop for promotional products, banners, signs, awards and apparel. As a manufacturer we have an extensive range of University of Arizona promotional products and a unique relationship with other producers throughout North America.

We offer these products (over 5,000,000 of them) as advertising gifts. They are articles of merchandise that are branded with a UArizona logo, text, and other graphics.

Some of these UArizona promotional specialties are manufactured right here in Tucson by Graphic Impact. Others are sourced through our partners throughout the country. Being a manufacturer means higher quality, better attention to your details and low, managed costs. Used  throughout the University for marketing and communication programs.

Our extensive range of all types of products means that you will be sure to find something that meets your requirements.

Custom selections, made to your specification, and completed in a timely fashion is what we offer.  Put our knowledge to work for you and together with our over thirty years of experience you are assured of the that perfect solution for your next project.

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