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No Minimum, Full Color: A Guide to Political Signs

Do you need political signs for your candidate or campaign? We’ve got you covered! Our political signs are printed in full color and can include photos for no extra charge. Plus, we don’t require a minimum purchase so you can order as many (or as few) as you need. And we’ll have them to you in 1-2 business days. So what are you waiting for? Order your political signs today!


Let's discuss Quantity and Quality for custom political signs

Graphic Impact is the place to go for high-quality, cost-effective custom political signs. We understand that having a lot of signs is important, but it’s just as important that they’re made from quality materials and printed with sharp inks to maximize visibility. Design-wise, our custom graphic designers create eye-catching message delivery systems that bridge the gap between you and your voters. Plus, when you purchase high volumes of these signs, there are significant discounts available – all while still not sacrificing the quality of your political sign design!
Our team at Graphic Impact is committed to providing you with the best possible custom political signs. We use the latest printing technology and only the highest quality materials to ensure your signs are durable and long-lasting, even in harsh outdoor conditions.
Our designers work closely with you to create a custom sign that truly represents your message and brand. Whether you need yard signs, bumper stickers, or banners, we can create a design that will stand out and make an impact.
In addition to our high-quality signs, we offer fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. We understand the time-sensitive nature of political campaigns, so we work quickly to get your signs delivered on time and within budget.

There are no minimums so we can place different sizes together on the same sheet of material.  So the result may be a substantial cost saving

Don’t settle for generic or low-quality political signs. Choose Graphic Impact for custom signs that will help you stand out and win over voters. Contact us today to get started!


color and content of your signs

Political signs usually try to convey messages that the candidate or political party wants to communicate to potential voters. Political signs can have different colors and designs, and they should strive to capture attention and convey their message. The content of political signs can include the candidate’s name, a slogan, party affiliation, and the issues they stand for or support. Ultimately, the design and content of political signs must align with the values and platform of the political candidate or party they represent.
In addition to the content, the placement of political signs is crucial. They should be placed in areas where they can be easily seen, such as on busy streets, near polling stations, and in high-traffic areas. It is also important to consider the regulations and laws surrounding political signage as they vary depending on the location and jurisdiction.
Political signs are an important tool for candidates to get their message out to voters. They serve as a visual representation of the candidate’s campaign, and can help create name recognition and increase awareness of their platform. By effectively designing and placing political signs, candidates can increase their chances of gaining support and winning elections.

Our Conclusion: Stand out in any crowd with your political signs

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