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Mesh Banner vs Vinyl Banner: Which is Better?

Two of the most common types of banners are mesh and vinyl. Deciding which to use for your business or event will depend on the overall look you’re going for and the use case. Here we’re breaking down the differences between the two banner types (mesh banners vs vinyl banners).

Mesh Banners A Good Choice for windy conditions

Mesh Banners vs Vinyl Banners related to Windy Conditions. As you can imagine, mesh banners are breathable because they’re made with tiny holes to allow air to pass through. These are great for outdoor use, even in windy conditions. Mesh banners may appear transparent because of the holes but they are still able to be customized.

Typically, the colors on mesh banners are not as bright, they can only be printed on one side and can be more costly to print.

Some clients have chosen to place banners on the outside of windows. When looking on the inside the view is somewhat like a tinted window.

Vinyl Banners, The least Expensive Advertising cost

When comparing mesh banners vs vinyl banners, Vinyl banners can be printed in a variety of colors and sizes and can be printed on one or both sides. They can be used either indoors or outdoors, however, vinyl banners are not as durable against weather conditions compared to mesh banners.

Vinyl banners are a more cost effective option, come in a glossy or matte finish and are extremely eye-catching with the vibrant colors.

To a large extent the cost of a vinyl banner is based on the thickness and therefore the length of time and how it will be used.

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If you’re looking for an answer on which is best, we actually can’t say because it really comes down to your banners needs, meaning use case and looks. Mesh will last longer outdoors while vinyl banners will stand out design wise. Both banner types are an excellent marketing tool.