Importance of Magnetic Strip Cards for Security

Magnetic strips: The card holder information is encoded on the magnetic strip making it readable by the magnetic stripe readers.

Graphic Impact can help you set up a program for access control cards. These ID cards combined with a card reader, access control panel and computer system comprise a sophisticated ID card system. With the use of access control cards, you can limit any employee from gaining entry to certain areas of your business establishment. The code embedded within the card serves as your control so that once an employee swipes the card in the card reader, the information is sent to the access control panel and computer for processing. Depending on the authorization code, the door will open or remain close to that employee.

Aside from providing access control, you can also use the ID card to monitor the attendance of your employees and serve as your timekeeper. Your employees can swipe the card as they come in and out of the office thereby providing you the number of hours worked as well as if they have been coming in late.

A system of this type will take time to implement. We suggest a personalized photo ID card as the first step in implementing a system. A decision can then be made as to how secure a system is necessary.

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