Latex Inks, Vivid Colors, Friendly to the Environment

Are you ready for your next banner project? Important question are: What is the cost? What should the size be: and How many people will see my message? If you are to be successful, it is important for you to answer these important questions.

But there is one other thing that you might want to consider. What effect will my banners have on the environment? It may be time you made a commitment to reduce impact on the banners you select on the environment. Making sure that banners and signs are environmentally friendly should be a priority.

Most companies still use solvent-based inks. The solvents contain hazardous chemicals that have an awful odder and give off poisonous fumes when burned. The volatile compounds in the solvents are poisonous to people and harmful to the environment.

This new printing technology reduces environmental and health concerns across the lifespan of your banners from production to disposal. Banners printed with latex ink can be displayed in sensitive places like dining rooms and healthcare facilities without worry. This includes both vinyl and fabric banner.

Another benefit is that graphics printed with latex ink are higher in quality than graphics printed with solvent inks. And the cost is more than competitive as well.

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