Coordinating an Urgent Care Room

Incorporating a Number of Visual Elements in a Working Environment

The correct visual elements in an office, lobby, or is this case, an urgent care examining room can make a tremendous difference to visitors, colleagues and yes, patients. Here are ideas that you may want to consider that can make a big difference but yet are cost effective.  These are ideas that have worked for others and are presented here with a discussion of each piece.

Here are Some Idea That Just Might Help

Wall Paper – Starting with a complete blank wall (could be called a canvas). geometric shapes were used that would lend a design, but would not interfere with messages or other points of focus in the room.  The complementary colors were taken from a blue pallet.

Photographic Reproduction – Using acrylic for this part of the project, print a complementary photo that will identify your organization or business.  Subtle but it drives home the point.  An acrylic photographic process was used here and on the reverse side with a final white background.  The print was relieved from the wall, adding depth.  An added benefit of the acrylic was to easily be able to clean the photo and with increased durability.  This particular print is three feet x five feet but the size of the print is really unlimited.

Add Signage to Draw Emphasis -Time to add something to grab audience attention. To support the logo, brand or tag line.  In this case a Sintra sign (PVC) is used at the top of the photograph.  Dimensional letters add to the look.

Self Adhesive Geometric Designs – Decals (vinyl) are placed on the floor, in appropriate colors that enhance the look.  Again, a circular pattern to match the wall paper.  Spending time thinking about your objectives pays dividends.

Digitally Printed Murals  – Finally a mural (digitally printed) was placed on an adjacent wall.  Colorful and part of the overall theme.

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