How To Protect Your Brand When Creating Signs, Banners And Promo Materials


How To Protect Your Brand When Creating Signs, Banners And Promo Materials

Corporate approved promotional items and signage is frequently a cause of wasted time and frustration for the marketing department and field staff.  The field

staff wants to get what they need when they need it and doesn’t want to be bothered with corporate red tape to get their materials approved.  On the other hand, corporate marketing is tasked with protecting the brand and may not have the immediate time to review individual requests when being bombarded by multiple field locations.

How can your company protect your brand when there are so many users in so many locations, reproducing the company logo in different colors, using the wrong font, and sometimes distorting the logo to be almost unrecognizable?

The solution is to create a portal where company approved merchandise can be offered on demand, without having to go through the approval process every time.  This concept is what a corporate branded store is all about.

Consider the amount of time invested in reviewing and evaluating each branch’s signage.  As your company grows, there is a time when it’s mandatory to protect the brand.  This can be done by printing everything and then sending it out to the branches for their use as needed.  Unfortunately, buying everything in advance winds up as a wasteful endeavor –

  • Items wind up being unused because they are not the right size for the promotion
  • Items wind up being destroyed due to poor storage practices
  • Items take up space of valuable inventory
  • Items wind up being forgotten until someone decides to clean up the warehouse

Setting up a corporate store is easy.  Essentially you supply the fulfillment company with your logo, your color selections, the guidelines for using your logo, and if you really want control, you can pre-select exactly what your store will offer.  That’s it.  The company store is then set up for you with your branded merchandise, a password is created for your users, then they can go in at will and buy exactly what they need, when they need it.  That’s efficient!

And because you have an ongoing relationship with the manufacturer, your associates can order in any quantity for most items.

Corporate stores can be set up for many types of items, including:

  • Signage and graphics
  • Banners for events
  • Table top signs
  • Store promotional signs
  • Custom printed T-shirts
  • Custom printed promotional items
  • Custom printed caps or baseball caps
  • Imprinted promotional products
  • Personalized pens or other items
  • Dynamic printed mailing campaign
  • Presentation materials

The best thing about having a corporate store is that you have access to items when you need them, and with today’s digital printing, there is no need to stock things that you may not use.

Let us know if you’d like to have us set up a corporate store for your organization.  It’s fast, easy, and can save you time and aggravation in the long run.  There’s no start up cost, no upfront commitment.  In short, it doesn’t cost anything.

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