Hi Corbett Monument Sign

Hi Corbett Monument Sign Construction Shared by UARIZONA, REID PARK and CITY OF TUCSON

Graphic Impact was proud to play a major role in the branding of Hi Corbett Field at Reid Park with the Hi Corbett Monument Sign.  It features a large digital display, permanent signage, and a solid foundation. Making a decision of what part of the sign should be static and what part of the sign should be changeable is not an easy one.  Especially when there are multiple decision makers involved.

Major Factors to Consider with the hi corbett Monument Sign

  Consider these factors.

  • Is there copy involved that is subject to change on an on going basis? This may include events, pricing and different types of branding.  Include these in changeable messages.
  • Do you have a logo or trade name involved that has stood the test of time (traditionally) and should be displayed constantly. Make this copy permanent on the signage.
  • Is there a need for special treatment on part of the sign such as three dimensional letters or a logo.  Make this permanent on the sign!
  • Is there a section of the sign that clearly explains the reason for the placement in this location?  Front, center and largest permanent part of your project.

See how all of these points were taken into consideration on this project.

The strategy is to help promote upcoming events with a large enough display to grab attention for all three entities.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

Moving Forward

We’d be glad to help you on your next project. There’s never a cost for a sit down meeting.  And a company such as Graphic Impact in Tucson, AZ can supply a unique perspective for your next project.