A Printer for Large-Scale, Continuous Production with Latex Inks on Roll-to-Roll Basis

Latex Inks are an excellent choice for a wide range of application possibilities. Our nine-foot latex printer is capable of producing an amazing array of prints, such as outdoor signage and advertising, retail point-of-purchase displays, vehicle graphics, vinyl banners for exhibitions and events, and indoor wall and floor decor.

Here are some reasons to select latex printing over others.

Instant Dry, Same Day delivery

Turnaround time to deliver an order is critical. Many times products produced with other inks, and before applying the lamination must be ‘degassed’ for 24-48 hours to avoid the appearance of bubbles and other artifacts.

Alternatively, latex inks are ready to finish and ship as soon as they come out of the printer as there are no solvents to evaporate.

More Applications, High Image Quality and Enhanced Durability

When comparing eco-solvent and latex print consider the media breadth and application coverage. This is one of the most important benefits of latex compared to eco-solvent, due to the huge range of flexible materials, coated and uncoated, that we print with  latex inks. It’s not only about doing vinyl  banners, but expanding to films, papers, textiles, canvas, wall paper and others.

Print durability is also a major difference.

Better for Customers, Operators and the Environment

Eco-solvent inks are by definition made of a solvent vehicle, which can be hazardous, and need to be evaporated and carefully controlled. While we have seen an improvement in the smell of eco-solvent inks, that doesn’t mean they are safer. They still carry the ‘dangerous goods’ logos in the cartridge regulations.

No cost trade-offs

Although most people care about environmental sustainability, they are not as willing to pay more for a sustainable print. With our latex printing system we make sure that prints are priced comparable or even less than other systems.

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