ID and Name Badge Printer

Full Color ID Badges and Name Tags

We provide full color, durable identification and name badges printed by a high resolution printing system. Custom printed and available in any color, size or shape. These ID cards are made for each one of your employees. These cards and name tags are chosen for a variety of different reasons; all of which can benefit your company or organization.

Some good reasons to implement a system of employee badges or name tags is for security, simple identification, or identifying visitors as they enter your facility. It is an easy task to include photographs logos and much more.

There are simple, inexpensive systems available so that you can print badges yourself, but Graphic Impact’s technology allows us to print with more higher resolution smaller type and full color that is photo quality. We have always believed that a name tag or badge must be of the highest quality and is a reflection of your business or organization.

Depending on your requirements, we can also add security devices to the badge such as magnetic strips, QR codes or bar codes. Badges can be printed either single or double sided. If security is important to you, a security device can be added allowing only certain people access to an area.

We also provide member cards and gift cards. The task is easier since there is no minimum requirement and no set-up fee. Your artwork is kept on file making ordering easy. You can order over the web, send a file to us over the web or make a simple visit to our location. Delivery is usually 1-2 business days.

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