full color name badges

Full Color Name Badges | No Minimum | Exceptional Durability

Our full color name badges allow you to be the designer – include photographs, brands and small text at ultra-high resolution. Available in plastic and a variety of metal finishes. Vector files are best and we can utilize them in any size you specify. Perfectly made to fit the brand of your business or organization.

Customizing full color name badges

You can customize all tags with name badges in full color, font color, type and your choice of fastener or lanyard. This is the perfect advertisement for your logo. Be sure to wear them for both business and personal events.

Being in manufacturing means everything we create is ready for production. Since we produce almost everything in house, your one-time design purchase can be used over and over again for any product and any purpose.

Your name tag design is ready, for any project

We keep your artwork for your full-color name tags on file for faster service – so the next time you need a shirt, banner, sign, or promotional specialty, we’ll be ready to have a design ready for you.

Prevent orders from getting delayed due to errors in your design or misspellings. We make sure every design is ready to go from the start.