Outdoor banners for this software installation

Frame a Vinyl Banner for Building Signage

Although most of us only consider a banner as temporary signage hanging with grommets, when tightened around a wooden or metal frame, can make a permanent and inexpensive sign easily attached to a building or other permanent structure.  The thicker the wooden frame, the more relieved  the graphic will be.  For larger signage, for example, six feet x eight feet, add a supporting piece in the middle of the banner.  The banner will be much less expensive and easier to change out than will be an acrylic or metal sign.  By wrapping the banner around wood, permits can be for permanent signage rather than a temporary banner.

Here the design is kept simple and colorful. And the ability to view the six foot graphics is extended.

Block A
Regional Transportation
City of Tucson
Tucson Medical Center
Pima County
Boys and Girls Club of Tucson