Fabric Banners

When to Choose Fabric Banners Over Vinyl

Fabric banner advantages are significant when choosing a banner for a specific application. It is important to understand one important factor. For any exterior application, always choose vinyl. Although our process with latex ink gives excellent durability, the fabric will deteriorate faster than the ink.  So why choose fabric banners? A fabric banner is lightweight, almost 70% lighter than vinyl. When coupled with our latex inks the final product is environmentally friendly. Fabric banners are glare-free, wrinkle-resistant and the colors are vibrant. And, you’ll get crisp, clear prints.  Our latex printing system is quickly replacing dye-sublimation. Examples of using fabric banners include exhibits, displays, and large banners, such as this one, that make a huge impression.

We are happy to show you samples of each type of banner. It is always easier to make a choice when you are able to touch and feel something.  You’ll find that our over thirty years of experience in the field will be of great assistance.